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Yvonne Walker Wins CalPERS Retiree Board Seat

Posted Dec 08, 2022 by CSR Website Administrator    categoryCalPERS

Yvonne Walker is the unofficial winner of the runoff election for the retired member seat on the CalPERS Board of Administration.


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CalPERS Knocked for Missing Wells Fargo Warning Signs

Posted Dec 09, 2016 by CSR Website Administrator    categoryRetirees

Sacramento, CA - By Chris Reed

Critics of Wells Fargo’s scandal are raising questions about why the California Public [Read More...]

New report from CSR Health Benefits Committee | CalPERS Health Plan Open Enrollment Considerations & Pharmacy Benefits Changes

Posted Sep 08, 2016 by CSR Website Administrator    categoryHealth Care

Health Plan Open Enrollment for CalPERS members is Sept. 12- Oct. 7. Most members who are satisfied with their current plan need do nothing to remain in the same plan. The exception is Blue Cross Net Value members. That plan is being discontinued.
If members on that plan do nothing, they will automatically be transitioned to Blue Shield Access Plus, starting Jan. 1, 2017. Or they may choose another health plan during this Open Enrollment period.

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