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CSR Endorses Randy Cheek for CalPERS Special Retired Member Runoff Election

Posted 1 years 236 days ago ago by Mark DeVaughn   

This week the CSR Board of Directors had the opportunity to meet with the two remaining candidates for the CalPERS 2022 Special Retired Member Runoff Election.  

After in-depth candidate interviews, the Board of Directors met to determine which of the two candidates would best serve the interests of CSR members in protecting our pension and benefits.

We are thrilled to endorse Randy Cheek in CalPERS 2022 Special Retired Member Runoff Election. 

Randy protects pensions and fights to make CalPERS more transparent as the Retired Public Employees Association’s Legislative Director. Representing both school and state workers, Randy fought to protect public employees' salaries, rights and benefits.

Randy is committed to maintaining and improving access to quality and affordable healthcare and standing as your strong, experienced, and committed advocate at CalPERS meetings.

Please help spread the word of CSR’s endorsement of Randy Cheek. Runoff ballot packages will be mailed directly to eligible voters on November 4, 2022. Voted ballots must be received by CalPERS on or before December 5, 2022. Please ensure your current mailing address is on file with CalPERS by checking your myCalPERS account or contacting CalPERS at 888-225-7377.