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Calif. senators differ on Social Security fixes

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When it comes to shaping the future of Social Security, Sen. Dianne Feinstein says "everything should be on the table," including gradually raising the retirement age.

Sen. Barbara Boxer takes a different view. She is co-sponsoring legislation that would require a two-thirds majority vote before Congress could proceed with any legislation that would reduce benefits, increase the retirement age or transition the program to private accounts.

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Sacramento area seniors told of possible budget cuts

Posted Apr 08, 2011 by    0 Comment(s)  0 Likes Like Dislike

Sacramento Bee

Published Friday, Apr. 08, 2011

Executives from the Area 4 Agency on Aging – which funnels more than $6 million in federal grants each year to a host of seniors' nutrition, health and social programs in a seven-county area including Sacramento – warned elder advocates this week to expect significant funding reductions to programs for older adults.

"We're entering the great unknown," said Area 4 Agency on Aging executive director Deanna Lea. "We need a disaster plan, just in case."

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GOP in California tax talks

Posted Mar 03, 2011 by    0 Comment(s)  2 Likes Like Dislike

In what could become a turning point in Gov. Jerry Brown's effort to close California's $26.6 billion deficit, a group of Republican state senators may support the Democratic governor's plan to ask voters for extended tax increases, in exchange for concessions, people familiar with the matter said. [Read More...]

California Legislature heads toward passage of a budget

Posted Oct 08, 2010 by    0 Comment(s)  0 Likes Like Dislike

On the 99th night of the fiscal year, California lawmakers were still debating late Thursday whether to pass a budget, already the latest spending plan in state history.

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SEIU, Schwarzenegger agree to labor pact with pension concessions

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The Schwarzenegger administration and Service Employees International Union Local 1000 have just announced a tentative labor agreement that includes higher employee contributions to their retirement plans and rolls back pension formulas for new hires to pre-1999 levels.

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