CalPERS retirees will get a cost of living increase this year. Here’s how much...

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The Sacramento Bee

MARCH 10, 2021 


CalPERS retirees will get a small bump in their pensions this year since the price of consumer goods increased last year despite the coronavirus pandemic.


The consumer price index increased by 1.23% for 2020, which means the pensions of most CalPERS retirees will increase by 1.23% or 2% in May, according to a chart published by the retirement system.


Any increase over 1% triggers a cost of living increase for public retirees in the state, whose pensions average $37,000 per year.


In total, this year’s increases will cost the state $242 million, according to CalPERS. The system is expected to pay about $27.6 billion in annual benefits this year to about 700,000 state and local government retirees, beneficiaries and survivors.


Those who retired in 2003 or earlier will get a 2% COLA increase. Those who have retired since then will receive a range of increases between 1.23% and 1.81%, depending on the year they retired.


More than 95% of retirees receive either the prior year’s increase or 2%, according to CalPERS.


Employees who retired before 1979 will receive a 3% increase, and a handful of other employees will receive increases of up to 5%.


Those who retired in 2020 won’t receive a COLA until next year.

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