Update: CalPERS Benefit Verification

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 For the second consecutive year, CalPERS is validating the benefit eligibility of CalPERS payees by confirming their status as a living benefit recipient. For this year, the population being validated is a random sample of roughly 2,700 US-based payees, representing a very small percentage of our annuitants, who have been retired at least 5 years.  For a payee to be considered validated, they must complete and sign a Certification of Eligibility for Payment form in the presence of a notary or their allowance may be placed on hold.  If a notary is not available to complete the form, CalPERS will also accept a letter from a treating physician stating that you are in their care, a letter from a care facility, or a stamped certification from a bank representative. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CalPERS.

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