Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who do I call about a change of address?

You should contact the CSEA Membership department. The numbers are:

  • Toll-Free 1-888-808-7197
  • In Sacramento County (916) 326-4292

2. When do I get paid by CalPERS? 

Great question! Benefits are paid at the beginning of the month for the previous month's benefits. For tax reasons, your December retirement check is always dated the first day of the new year. The State Controller's Office issues checks and determines mailing dates. If you have direct deposit, contact your financial institution to see when funds are placed in your account. You can also visit CalPERS to get the exact dates as well as other important documents.

3. Some frequently requested numbers:

Dental Plan Administration

(888) 225-7377

Dental Enrollment Eligibility

(888) 225-7377

CalPERS Health Plan Questions

(888) 225-7377

Questions Regarding Warrants

(888) 225-7377

Direct Deposit Questions

(888) 225-7377

Long Term Care

(800) 982-1775

CSEA Insurances

(800) 952-5283
or (916) 326-4283

CalPERS Customer Contact Center

(888) CalPERS or (888) 225-7377

4. What must I do to report the death of a member?

When a member dies, there are several important steps a spouse or family member can take to help assure prompt payment of any PERS benefits due:

First, notify PERS by telephone or letter of the member's death.

Telephone Number:

888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377)
TTY: (916) 795-3240 Fax: (916) 795-3933

Mailing Address:

CalPERS Benefit Services Division
Survivor & Death Benefits
P.O. Box 1652
Sacramento, CA 95812-1652

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Social Security Number
  • PERS Retirement Account Number
  • Date of death
  • Name and Address of person providing the Notice of Death
  • Name and Address of the surviving spouse, other next of kin, or the person who will be settling the estate.

Be sure to set aside the following documents which will be needed to establish who is entitled to death benefits:

  • A copy of the Death Certificate
  • Letters of administration from the executor of the estate, if the member's estate is to be paid any death benefits
  • Other documents such as marriage certificates, the birth certificate of the beneficiary, or any other dissolution of marriage final judgment papers.

Next, complete the Survivor Information Questionnaire/Claimant Statement and Withholding Tax Election Forms which PERS will send upon receiving notice of the member's death.

If a beneficiary or survivor is entitled to continued coverage under a health or dental insurance plan administered or approved by PERS, enrollment will automatically be continued after the member's death.

PERS will advise the individual filing the death report whether a monthly allowance will be payable, and whether it will be necessary to return any warrants already received.

Additional information regarding death or terminal illness can be found on CalPERS website by clicking here.


Part Time Jobs

For Members Only!

Get on the California State Retirees’ Annuitant List. Download the application.

If you are a member and want a temporary job, this is your first stop. If you are not yet a member, fill out the membership application form.

State law allows state retirees to work up to 960 hours per fiscal year at a state job without losing any pension benefits.

Twice a year, California State Retirees compiles a list of members who want to return to state employment.

State department officials looking for retired annuitants contact us to get the list of people who have completed the application.

The service by California State Retirees is limited to compiling the list of retirees interested in temporary work with the state and sending it to interested state personnel departments. Personnel officials from those departments will contact applicants if they need further information, recommendations or resumes.

While California State Retirees encourages retirees annuitant involvement, we do not provide individual formal representation for retirees who return to work as retired annuitants.

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