Health Benefits

The committee shall advise the Board of Directors on all matters related to health benefits, long-term care, vision care and dental coverage and make recommendations as necessary. The committee shall review all actions of the Corporation and Association dealing with health benefits and determine how these activities impact retirees. The committee shall also review all health programs offered to retirees by CalPERS, CalHR or the Association as well as state and federal regulations regarding heath care and make recommendations to the Board when appropriate.

The committee chair or designated committee member shall attend monthly CalPERS meetings. The committee chair will then work with the Board member(s) also in attendance and prepare a monthly report for the CSR newspaper. The committee shall also attend meetings of the Association Benefits Committee and CalPERS Constituent and Board meetings. The committee shall work in cooperation with CalPERS and other affiliates and organizations regarding health benefits and issues and committee members are to coordinate any new information with chapter presidents. Further, the committee shall hold quarterly meetings, prepare agenda, minutes and backup material to be held by the Association. The committee will be supplied with publications and information necessary to perform their duties and responsibilities. 

Larry Woodson, Chair

Tom Considine

Elaine Edwards-Yahraus

Jenny Hayden

Mark Hynum, MD

John H. Gilman, MD

Joe Reynoso

Vincent Herrera, Board member assigned