Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the committee chairperson will implement the Corporation’s fiscal plans. Committee members are responsible for coordinating such plans with each chapter president. Additional responsibilities of the Finance Committee include advising the President on all matters regarding the Corporation’s ability to fund programs; reviewing all Association policy changes and/or new policy which requires changes to the Corporation’s budget; reviewing and providing recommendations on matters that monetarily or administratively affect the Corporation’s operating budget; preparation of financial status reports and budgets as requested; assisting chapters with record maintenance and report submittal; reviewing chapter budgets, chapter reports, and annual chapter audits of the Corporation for completeness prior to submitting to the Board of Directors; preparation of a yearly corporate investment plan; and monitoring of corporate investments.

Geanie Hixon, Chair

Angie Ellison

Larry Long

David Okumura

Ophelia Rabanal

Jerry Fountain, Board member assigned

Investment Committee

Jim McRitchie, Chair

Jerry Fountain, Board member assigned