California State Retirees Board of Directors

The Board is the governing body that presides over the California State Retirees. There is no set number of chapters assigned per district.  The chapters are split among the seven districts based upon the number of members and geographical location. There are currently 26 Retiree chapters throughout the state, including one (Chapter 165) that provides service to members who live outside California.

Each of the 26 chapters is organized based on geographical boundaries and population so that all members have access to CSR at the local level.

Members also have access to CSR by way of representation on the district level. Members of each of the seven districts elect one member to represent them on the Retiree Board. Board representatives live in the districts from which they are elected.

Beginning in 2018, the delegates at Delegate Assembly will elect the Statewide Officers every three years. Members are also represented on the statewide association level. The President and Executive Vice President are official representatives for members on the CSEA Board of Directors.

Board Members meet to discuss issues that are of critical importance, such as:

  • legislation
  • goals and objectives
  • health care benefits
  • state retirement fund (CalPERS)
  • political action
  • financial status
  • and membership recruitment, etc.

Representatives of California State Retirees all worked for the State of California in various capacities. The Statewide Officers of the California State Retirees represents your interests before the state Legislature, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and in the increasing number of attacks on public pensions and benefits.

As the largest and most experienced state retiree organization in California, California State Retirees concentrates exclusively on the issues and concerns of its 41,000 state retiree members.

CSR's Statewide Officers

CSR | Board of Directors

Stephanie Hueg

Elnora Hunter-Fretwell
Executive Vice President

Mary McDonnell
Vice President

Jerry Fountain

District Directors

Sharon Stoltzman
District A

Manijeh Fatollahi
District B

Ron Franklin
District C

Vincent Herrera
District D

Keith Umemoto
District E

R. Connie Lira
District F

Gaspar Luna Oliveira
District G


CSR is the largest, most experienced organization exclusively representing state government retirees!


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